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......... ..............Strategy document on enhancement

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Authors : Wim Schiettecatte, Inge Genné, Ann Dierckx, Giovanna Zamburlini, Bernd Sojka, Antonia Morales, Gilbert Rios



The aim of work-package 5.3 was to set-up a discussion with European and national ‘best available techniques’ (BAT) input groups on how different sectors and technology areas cope with innovation introduction into BREF documents (BREF = European BAT Reference Documents). The question here is whether and how BREF can speed-up the innovation uptake in companies. BREFs are set up by the IPPC-office of the IPTS research center (IPTS = Institute for Prospective Technological Studies) as part of the European IED Directive. These BREFs give an overview of what BAT are and which environmental accomplishments can be achieved with BAT. Studies are established in a process where industry, Commission, member states and other stakeholders play a role.


Conclusions and further points of discussion

As a main outcome of the discussions it became clear that BAT documents play an important role in setting high standards for the industry, but still feasible on a technical and economical level. The aim is as well to level these standards for the whole European Union, being a wide implementation area with industry at different levels of refinement. The question remains how innovation uptake in companies can be speed up. Other channels besides BREFs might be more logic and efficient. The following comments and ideas can be used to support further discussion:  Create ‘toolboxes’ that provide a path to follow and will guide industry in the implementation of innovation.  Stimulate national research centers in supporting local industry in their innovative developments.  Demonstrate technologies by means of pilot.  Convince companies of the importance on innovation on a level of product improvement, cost reductions, environmental benefits,… Underline the importance of LCA, besides technical and economical studies, to get a wider view on the advantage.  Get the introduction and description of innovative technologies into ‘Wikipedia’.  Good oriented education should be seen as the way to implement innovative new products, technologies, concepts, … on the long term.


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