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                    Joint Research and Development Roadmap (JR&DR)

                  on Water in Chemical Process Industries Across ETPs


Authors: Renata Koerfer, Antonia Morales, Nienke Koeman, Thomas Track


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 This roadmap is based on the strategic documents of the ETPs (European Technology Platforms) SusChem (European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry) and WssTP (European Water Platform) and on the three ChemWater Vision 2050 workshops entitled: "Vision and Challenges", "Tools and Methodologies" as well as "Processes, Materials and Technologies for Water Sustainable Process Industry", held during 2012.



The European Chemical Industry and aligned sectors has a pivotal role to play in the transition towards a sustainable, competitive and knowledge-based European society. In combination with its own downstream and supplier sectors, the chemical sector can provide an environmentally sensitive source of innovation that can contribute to improved economic and social welfare.

The authors of this report, comprising the European Technology Platforms SusChem and WssTP, seek to boost the competitiveness of European Industry by strengthening chemistry, biotechnology and chemical engineering research and development in Europe. We envision the future of the European chemical and associated industries as driving enhanced global competitiveness and minimal environmental impact, powered by world-leading technological innovation.. These industries will maintain a substantial contribution to EU employment and will enjoy widespread societal appreciation. This is an important prerequisite to fulfill Europe's vision of a sustainable and competitive knowledge-based economy. This vision is deliberately positive in the sense that it sets out how we think the European chemical industry can act as a catalyst for a more resource efficient economy, one which has successfully decoupled economic growth from resource consumption and pollution.

This document constitutes an important reference point for all stakeholders in Europe who wish to work with the chemical and associated sectors to co-ordinate future research funding policies at European level. Such collaboration will help secure the innovation base of the chemical industry in Europe and strengthen its role as an innovation engine for many allied and downstream businesses.