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Efficient water management in process industry
Coordinating European strategies

A European project

ChemWater is a project funded by the European Commission under the seventh Framework Programme. It addresses a key pan-European concern: the efficient management of water in process industry. ChemWater intends to coordinate European strategies on sustainable materials, processes and emerging technologies development. The project started in May 2011 and ends in October 2013.


Chemistry for water

The project focuses on chemical process and water industries. The European chemical industry, which is an important water user and a leading technology supplier, can be a solutions provider for the whole water management cycle, with a focus on the use of water for industrial purposes.

We are fostering a new point of view: that of "chemistry for water" alongside the more traditional "water for chemistry". Emphasis will be put on technological possibilities in nanotechnology, materials and process innovation. 

Technology platforms working together

ChemWater aims to coordinate EU strategies across and beyond existing technology platforms, to integrate and exploit new findings. The European Technology Platform for chemistry, SusChem, and that for water, WssTP, are working together to identify the synergies to develop between chemical and water sectors to ensure a sustainable use and treatment of water in process industry. Other structures will provide their imput.
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The ChemWater Final Conference was held on 1-2 October 2013 in MADRID, SPAIN in combination with ANQUE – DECHEMA Leading-edge Conference on Sustainable Water Management: Chemical Industry Setting the Pace. More details   
 Please have a look at the ChemWater partners interviews
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Have a look at the context of the project, its challenges
and objectives.

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 11 partners are working together to make a success
 of ChemWater.


 Cross-sectorial approach

 Chemistry industry & water industry are sharing their
 know-how to improve water management in industry

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Project full title: "Coordinating European Strategies on Sustainable Materials, Processes & Emerging Technologies Development in Chemical Process & Water industry across Technology Platforms" - Start date: May 1st 2011. End date: October 31th 2013.
Duration: 30 months - Type of funding scheme: Coordination & Support Actions - Reference: FP7-NMP-2010-CSA-4 - Grant agreement n°: 266851.
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