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                                       ChemWater Final Conference 

                                  1-2 October 2013, MADRID, SPAIN 
  In combination with ANQUE – DECHEMA Leading-edge Conference

              on Sustainable Water Management: Chemical Industry Setting the Pace   

                                       Hotel Tryp Atocha, MADRID, SPAIN


Please find below the detailed program including the presentations :


DAY 1: October 1st, 2013 (9:00 – 18:30)


      Session 1- Water as resource: market, challenges, opportunities and technological future needs


Chair: Angeles Blanco, UCM, European Water Partnership Board Member, Spain.

Aim: Overview on market, challenges, opportunities and future technological needs under the perspectives of both chemical and water sectors.

• Social, Environmental and Economic: Challenges and Solutions

• Market Opportunities

• Water for Chemistry

• Chemistry for Water

“Sustainable Water Management: Chemical Industry Setting the Pace” Carlos Negro, President Spanish Chemistry & Society Forum, UCM, Spain. Presentation

"Water Footprint of Energy Production: An Update" Philippe Tanguy, Vice-President Total. R&D programs, Partnerships and International Relations, France. Presentation

"Creating Competitive Advantage in the Water Market” Arturo Buenaventura, VP of Strategy and Corporate Development Abengoa Water, Spain. Presentation

“The Water industry in 2050: water companies vision on challenges and technological needs” Sylvie Baig Suez-Degremont & Marielle Coste, Veolia, France. Presentation


Coffee Break


         Session 2- Chemistry and Chemical Technology for the municipal water cycle


Chair: Thomas Track, Dechema, Germany

Aim: Overview of the actual and future use of chemicals and chemical technology on the municipal water cycle.

• Water Supply Sustainability

• Drinking Water Treatment

• Municipal Wastewater Treatment

• Innovative Chemicals and Technologies

“Past, present and future of chemicals use for the sustainable municipal water cycle”. Yannick Fovet, Global Head of Innovation and New Applications Water Solutions at BASF, Germany. Presentation

“Innovations on the urban water cycle”. Mike Farrimond, Director at Wellington Associates, Past President WssTP, UK.   Presentation

“Novel technologies for Municipal Waste Water Treatments”. Frank Rogalla, Director of Innovation and Technology FCC-AQUALIA, Spain.

"Innovations for Drinking water purification”. Tomás Michel Mayer, President WssTP - Manager Aqualogy Water Research Centres, Spain. Presentation

“One year experience in Reusing Municipal Waste Water for Industrial uses in the Petrochemical Complex CAMP TARRAGONA” Joaquín Suescun, Operation BU Manager Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, Spain.


Lunch Break


         Session 3- Chemistry and Chemical Technology for the industrial water cycle


Chair: Thomas Track, Dechema, Germany

Aim: To review the state-of-art of existing and emerging technologies for the industrial water cycle. • Innovative Treatment Technologies • Advanced and Emerging Materials, Processes and Technologies

• Novel Membrane, Materials and Configurations

• Catalysis and Nanomaterials.

• Industrial Cases Studies

“The Industrial wastewater treatment by O3/AOP to comply with European Directives and Environmental requirements” Concha García, Product Manager Xylem Water Solutions, Spain. Presentation

“High tech industrial applications of membranes", Gilbert Rios, Executive Director European Membrane House, France. Presentation

“Electrochemical engineering in industrial water treatment”. Manuel Rodrigo, UCLM, Chair EFCE Working Group on Electrochemical Engineering, Spain Presentation

“Solar photo-catalysis in Water Treatment” Sixto Malato, Director PTA-CIEMAT, Spain. Presentation

“Advance Catalyst and Nanomaterials in industrial water treatment”. Michael Stöcker, Chief Scientist, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Norway Presentation


Coffee Break


         Round table: How far can we go to sustainability? How can we boost innovation and the implementation of available knowledge and technologies?


Moderator: Angeles Blanco, UCM, European Water Partnership Board Member, Spain

Aim: To review the barriers, drivers and global market strategy advantages on sustainability. Implementation of results.

• Barriers

• Drivers

• Global strategy advantages

“Sustainable Water Management at Solvay: The Solvay way” Nathalie Swinnen, Environmental Projects Solvay, Belgium.

“How far can we go to sustainability?” Sven Geißen, TUB, Germany.

“Sustainable water management and open innovation” Sonia Guri, MatGas, Spain.

“Industrial symbiosis: Utilization of industrial residue streams in new biomass production and freshwater recycling” Per Møller, Cluster Biofuels, Denmark.


Conference dinner


DAY 2: October 2nd , 2013 (9:00 – 13:45)


         Session 4- New Water Resources: Reclamation, Recycling, Reuse and Desalination


Chair: Daphne Hermosilla, UCM, Spain
Aim: To review efficient water reuse and alternatives water resources for the industry.

• Alternative Water Supply: opportunities, problems and solutions

• Efficient Water Use • Water Reuse as Part of a Water Management Scheme

• Reclaimed Water Use in Industry

• Desalination

“Invitation to tender and contract execution of a sea water desalination plant under the Alliance method”   Miguel Ángel Marzal, Técnicas Reunidas, Spain. Presentation

“Desalination’s Big Bang: What’s next?”. Domingo Zarzo, Technical and R& D Director Valoriza Sacyr, Spain Presentation

“Water reuse and recycling as part of a Water Management Scheme” Peter Cornel. University of Darmstadt, Germany Presentation

“A retrospective vision of the reclaimed water and future outlook” Manuel Rubio, President of AEDyR, Spain. Presentation

“Sustainable Water Management – Dow Terneuzen”. Niels Groot, Dow Benelux B.V., The Netherlands Presentation


Coffee Break


         Session 5- Integral Water Cycle: Emerging Challenges and Future Prospective


Chair: Carlos Negro, UCM-ANQUE, Spain

Aim: To review emerging challenges on water and future prospective

• Public Health Risk and Issues on Emerging Contaminants

• Energy-Water Nexus

• Policies and legislation

• Standards and Certification Schemes: sustainable management practices

• Vision 2050

“Pollutants of emerging Concern: The long viewpriorities and implications” Amadeo Rodríguez, IMDEA Agua, Spain.

“The future prospects of catalysts in water treatment” Siglinda Perathorner, University of Messina, Italy.

“European Water Stewardship: Standard and Certification” Maria Valle, Industry assistant European Water Partnership, Belgium. Presentation

“2050 ChemWater Scenario”  Thomas Track, Dechema, Germany. Presentation

“European initiatives - linking with water” Germán Esteban, EC-DG Research and Innovation, Belgium.


Lunch Break



ANQUE – DECHEMA Leading-edge Conference on Sustainable Water Management: Chemical Industry Setting the Pace


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